Courtzilla: Origins

Oh no. It has begun. I've been contemplating starting up another blog for a while, and it hit me today.

I need somewhere to save my recipes.

See, I experiment. A lot. And then I forget to save whatever scrap of paper I wrote down everything on. Then I get angry and go on a Courtzilla rampage.

This is my attempt at preventing rampages. It's for the good of all mankind really. You should be thanking me right now.

To understand this blog, you must have an understanding of me.

Courtzilla is my drunken alter ego. She's sassy. She's destructive. Best of all, she's hungry. I don't get in this state often, but when I do ... oh man.

I feel like when I cook, Courtzilla often takes over. I wake up from a daze. The kitchen is a disaster, two bottles of wine are missing, and I have a massive amount of food in front of me. I make probably about 2352 times too much food everytime I cook. I'm not neat, and I'm not organized, but damn, I can cook. I'm working on the baking thing, but cooking I have down.

So, hold hands, don't be scared. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

<3 Courtzilla

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