Foodie Blog Roll

So, as you may have noticed I'm part of a foodie bloglist. You can see the application on the left side of the screen. Akin to googling yourself, I searched Courtzilla on the browse blogs portion of their website.

What tags did they designate for my humble blog?

Tags: recipes, college, easy, humor, dinosaurs, 30 minute meals, 5 ingredients or less

Recipes, college, easy, humor, 30 minute meals, 5 ingredients... all legit.


I literally snorted into my diet coke. I feel like I should cook up a massive steak and call it like a brontosaurus slab or something. How much do you want to bet that I'm the only one on the Foodie Blog Roll with a "dinosaur" tab.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new post or two this evening.

Dinos for life,

<3 Courtzilla


  1. Ahhahahahhahaha. I wouldn't expect anything less.

    And as for the picture...this is why I don't hang out with other vegans, hahaha.

  2. I am not sure how that happened! Usually tags are put in by members when they sign up! If you didn't do it, I am not sure how it got there! LOL! If you would like it changed, please let me know and I will be happy to make the changes! :)

  3. Ha, I definitely don't want it changed! Dinosaurs are SWEET.