Monkey Bread, aka 8AM Heaven

So I woke up this morning at 6:30 am. I don't start work until 10am. What's a girl to do?


Plus I felt bad for not updating in a week. Sorry kiddos, I've had visitors. When I have visitors, I don't really eat. My diet turns into one more of the liquid variety.


I love breakfast. Problem: I'm never awake early enough to eat it. SO this was the perfect opportunity to whip up one of my all time favorites: Monkey bread.

You will need:

1/2 cup sugar
1-2 tsp cinnamon depending on how much you dig it
2 tbsp brown sugar (do me a favor and pretend it's in the picture)
1/4 cup of butter (1/2 a stick)
1 package of canned biscuits - non flaky kind... and hopefully not as gigantic as the ones I picked up.

Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees, (or 315 if your oven hates you, like mine).

Next, open up the can of biscuits!

You'll want to cut these into smaller pieces. If you only have the huge ones because you're a glutton, just cut them into 6ths... if you have the normal ones, like normal people, cut them into the fourths. We can clearly see which category of people I fell under.

Next, you'll want to combine the cinnamon and regular sugar into a zip lock bag. Plop these biscuit babies in there, and give it a shake until they're all coated. They shouldn't stick together once everything is coated! It might be easier to plop in a handful at a time.

Can we time out a second? Look at these.


Cough. Sorry. I get excited about colors.


Now, take your butter and brown sugar and put those in a small bowl. Micro for about 1 minute and stir until its all one color.

Then plop the cinnamon biscuits into a bundt pan. If you don't have one, use the only cake pan you actually own.

Then, drizzle the butter mixture all over your biscuits. No big deal if it doesn't fully cover, although according to Pioneer Woman, you'll need a cup of butter and it needs to be fully drenched and overflowing. See, I'm looking out for your waist line here.

Now just toss it in the oven and give it about 25 - 35 minutes!

Is this what heaven smells like? I think so. My apartment smells like love. I bet the neighbors are totally jealous.

Take it out of the oven when the top has a nice brown color, like this!

Ok so the easiest way to get this outta there without breaking it is to flip it. To do that, just flip your plate upside down and put it on top of the cake pan, then, holding both the plate and the cake, turn it the right way up! Does that make any sense at all?

Good thing there are pictures to help. The cake should just slip out of the pan. Thank you butter!

Oh hello beautiful. Come closer....

Mmmmm. Technically you should let this cool for like 10 minutes. Psssh... good luck.

You don't blame me, right? It's fabulous, try it soon!

<3 Courtzilla

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